These Are Amazeballs!

It’s another lazy Sunday, and I should be writing. But, I can’t function! Why do you ask? Well, my writing station is a mess…. (smh).

I got a few Chalkboard Labels and let me tell you these things are amazing! Why do you ask?

1. They are easy to use!

2. The labels can be used almost anywhere!

3. They are re-usable!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I AM A BARGAIN HUNTER. Anything that can be used again definitely deserves a gold star in my book!

download (3)

I use it on my writing station, but you can use it anywhere. The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or even the kid’s playing stations! Have I mentioned how awesome these things are? If you’re looking for a fun label organizer you should definitely buy these chalkboard stickers.

These can also be used for kids activities. It’s summer so I’m sure you can find something fun for them to do!

Also, they are really inexpensive. They are $9.99 and free shipping on Amazon. If you would like to check them out Click Here .

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Remember life is too short to worry about the small things. Love, live, and laugh.

Until next time.

-Izzy xoxo


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