Have You Ever Taken Cod Liver Oil?

I know the title is weird. But, if you’re over the age of twenty-five and your parents were a bit of health nut like mine you know what I’m talking about.

That God awful liquid substance that is supposed to be really good for you because it is the highest source of Omega-3.The prime suspect can be seen below:


It tasted so bad and smelled so horrible that the only way you could take it was like this …horibble

And when you were done taking it you ended up looking like this …


Why am I talking about this yucky substance that is really good for you? It’s simple … I found an Omega-3 formula that had no taste and no gross smell.


The soft capsule is kind of big and at first I was really apprehensive. But they were really easy to swallow. It didn’t  smell like something died and was left out in the sun for three days. It didn’t leave any nasty aftertaste in my mouth. You know the one I mean … the one that can linger for hours, especially, if you burped. Eww!

With anything that’s in the ocean, you should always be careful with high intake of mercury or other metals. I’ve checked everywhere and this company seemed to have done a thorough testing to make sure that the intake is safe for ingestion.

So, I thought I would share my findings with you. I don’t need to speak about the advantages of taking Omega-3, such as lower risk of heart disease and it helps lower your cholesterol we all know it’s good for our health. So, if you’re trying to get healthy and you want something that won’t make you want to hurl immediately after ingestion you should try:  Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills

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You Know I Like To Share …!

If you’ve ever had to travel long hours in a car, bus, train, or plane you know it’s not comfortable at all. Well, you’re going to love me a little more. It helps support your neck and back so that you may be able to catch a nap. You won’t leave your next trip feeling sore if you purchase this pillow.

This traveling pillow is amazeballs! It’s super soft and super comfortable. Guess what else it is? ….

It’s cool! I don’t mean cool as in the “in thing” right now, even though it is. I mean it keeps you cool. So, that means no sweating.

If you’ve ever tried one of those other pillows you know how icky it can get when you sweat. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Enzo’s traveling pillows! It’s also non-toxic.

Enzo’s traveling pillows also come in a super convenient traveling case so you can store it away when you’re done and you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty!

Why am I rambling about a pillow so much? Because I freaking love this pillow. (Forgive me.)

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These Are Amazeballs!

It’s another lazy Sunday, and I should be writing. But, I can’t function! Why do you ask? Well, my writing station is a mess…. (smh).

I got a few Chalkboard Labels and let me tell you these things are amazing! Why do you ask?

1. They are easy to use!

2. The labels can be used almost anywhere!

3. They are re-usable!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I AM A BARGAIN HUNTER. Anything that can be used again definitely deserves a gold star in my book!

download (3)

I use it on my writing station, but you can use it anywhere. The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or even the kid’s playing stations! Have I mentioned how awesome these things are? If you’re looking for a fun label organizer you should definitely buy these chalkboard stickers.

These can also be used for kids activities. It’s summer so I’m sure you can find something fun for them to do!

Also, they are really inexpensive. They are $9.99 and free shipping on Amazon. If you would like to check them out Click Here .

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