5 Ways to Beat the Heat

The summer has just begun and already it has me praying for winter. (I know… I know.) But, really who can stomach this heat. I’ve been extra lazy and sluggish since this heat wave began. That means errands aren’t being ran and deadlines aren’t being met and so on. It also means I haven’t been working on my books much. Like at all! (sigh)

My air conditioning has been running full speed ahead since early May and then I took a look at my electricity bill this month and I nearly had a heart attack. It was shocking to say the least.

So, I’ve scoured high and low for methods of cooling off, that won’t leave me in debt. I thought I should share these tips with my good friends.

1. Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated

This doesn’t only mean drinking water. (Though you should drink more than the eight glasses of water that is suggested in these circumstances.) There a some persons who do not like water. Why? I have no idea, but they don’t. So, there are alternatives in ways to get the necessary fluids and not dying from a heat stroke. You can try popsicles, fruits such as watermelons and you can also try fruit infused water if by chance you happen to be one of those persons who don’t like regular water. What I’ve found is that when I drink soft drinks I tend to feel thirstier, so personally I don’t think it helps much. (P.S. Ice cream and iced coffees are totally fine. Don’t Judge me!) Also, try taking at least two to three showers per day. A dip in the pool won’t hurt either if you have one that is.

2. Wear light and loose clothing.


(Cute outfit)

Dressing in light and loose fitted fabric helps your pores to breathe better, which helps to keep you cool. At least from my experience. Light or pastel colors seem to be cooler because lighter colors reflect heat it does not absorb it (I learned something in school. Yay me!). Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. A nice hat will also do the trick.

3. Get a new Summer do!


Spice things up. Cut your hair shorter. I’m not saying to go super low, but a few inches won’t hurt. Make sure it’s cute though. So add a little something to it like a different color. I mean if you’re going to stay cool you might as well look cute doing it. Right? Seriously you’ll feel lighter and cooler instantly. But, if you’re not brave enough to take such a huge leap of faith there is an alternative. Just wear your hair up. Easy isn’t it? You’ll have the feel of the short style without the commitment. (Don’t worry I won’t think you have commitment issues. Nope. I won’t…)

4. Keep those nosey neighbors out!


Closing curtains and blinds aren’t only good for keeping nosey neighbors out. They also help to keep the heat out. You should also choose lighter color blinds and curtains. Remember lighter colors reflect not absorb heat.

5. Veg it Out!


Relax! Seriously, if you can avoid going outside avoid it like the plague. Especially, early afternoons. The sun seems to feel as if it is literally trying to kiss your skin. No bueno. (If you’re going out see no.2) IF you need to cook avoid baking and frying especially when outside feels like a sauna. It makes your home feel like hell on earth. Read a book and relax. Because, sometimes keeping still is the best remedy of keeping cool. (See earlier posts for links of my book if you’re looking for something good to read. Please don’t judge me. #SupportanIndieAuthor)

These are some of the things I’ve found to work for me. How about you? Share your experiences on how you’ve been keeping cool. Or if I’ve missed a tip let me know.

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Remember life is too short to worry about the small things. Love, live, and laugh.

Until next time.

-Izzy xoxo


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