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This is my third go around and I’m still so very nervous! Especially, with this mini book. The story is really special to me and I truly hope that you guys love it!nervous

You’ve already seen the cover. Now, it’s time to get to know the characters. I truly love Skylar! He is an enigma. He can be a cocky condescending jerk. You find that out in The Before. But when he loves, he loves hard! You see how hard he can love in The Introduction. You also see that he’s not perfect in The Heartbreak.

I don’t know if I’m biased (I probably am), but I feel like he’s a well-rounded character with flaws just like you or me.

So, thank you to everyone who has supported me and purchased, reviewed, or shared my book! It truly means a lot to me.


So, with that I must return to the writing cave. It was fun socializing with humans. But, the voices in my head demand to be heard! But, before I go I thought I should share the cover again, you know … in case you forgot what it looked like.


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The Heartbreak Excerpt



There are times in your life that you need to have a chat with yourself. To ask yourself if the decisions you made were right. If all the choices you made thus far were the right ones to make. But, what if they’re not? Then you need to accept your actions and realize you can’t take them back. You learn from them. Sometimes things work out for the best. Other times not so much. But what do you do when the choices you make impact not only you, but also the ones you love the most? What do you do when your own choices are the reason you lose everything you love and cherish?

We always say that love is a gift, and not everyone is lucky enough to find it. But when the pain love causes is so deep, you literally feel pain every time your heart beats, you have to ask yourself are you the lucky one? Or maybe those who’ve never experienced the good, the bad and the ugly that comes along with being in love are the real lucky ones. They may never feel the joy of the good times, but they also will never feel the pain. The gut wrenching, heart breaking, and unbearable pain. This is not your average love story, this is a life story where love is pain and sometimes you have to choose pain if you want to have love.



As I’m heading to class, I stop by the bulletin board to search for a part-time job.

“Hey Michelle. What are you reading?”

I turn and notice it’s my roommate Leah. “Hey, I’m searching for a part time job.”

“Oh, any luck?”

I sigh. “Not yet.”

I hear someone laugh behind me and I turn around in time to see the owner walk past me. He is gorgeous. There is no other way to describe him.

Without turning away from him, I ask Leah, “Who is that?”

“That is the Skylar Montgomery. He is the soccer star here. You would know that if you came to watch some of the games.”

“When’s the next game?”

Leah laughs. “Friday.”

I smile to myself. “I’ll be the first one there.”

She grabs my hand and pulls me along with her. I turn towards her and she smirks.


She laughs. “He’s not easy. We’ve all tried. So, good luck with that.”

I narrow my eyes. “We’ll see how hard he is.”

Leah bursts into a fit of laughter and I smile to myself.

Chapter One

California King Bed


I’ve been at school for a few weeks now and it hasn’t been easy. Between trying to keep up with my classes, practice, talking to Ari, and sleeping, there aren’t enough hours in a day. I can feel her slipping away from me. But, aside from jumping on a plane and going home, there’s nothing more I can do until I settle into a better routine.

It’s late afternoon and I have a little time before I have practice, so I decide to call Ari. The phone rings for a while and as I’m about to hang up, she answers.

“Hey Sky.”

“Hey pretty girl. What were you up to?”

In a bored tone, she says, “Nothing just hanging out. You?”

“Just resting up before practice … I miss you Ari. I miss seeing you, touching you, and kissing your pretty lips. I especially miss seeing you smile.”

I hear her breathe into the phone. “I miss you too Sky.”

“Say it.” I whisper.

“Say what?”

“I know you Ari. What are you thinking?”

She pauses, and then I hear her take a deep breath. “Okay … I’m thinking if being together even makes sense anymore. Especially for you. God knows I love you, but is this even fair to us? I get panic attacks picturing you with someone else … do you think I can handle this for a few years? How long before you give into temptation? And please don’t bullshit me Sky.” She says in one breath.

“I’m not … I’m not going to lie to you Ari. But I’m not going to cheat on you either. I love you. There’s only you!”

Softly she says, “Yeah, but for how long?”

“Forever. Until the day I die Ari.” I whisper back.

“Don’t promise me eternity and leave me Sky. It will kill me. Don’t you understand I’m trying to save myself from the pain I know I’m going to feel eventually?”

“That’s not going to happen baby.”

“Let me go Sky … Please, let me go.” She pleads.

I grit my teeth and I close my eyes tightly. “Is there someone else Ari?”

“There will never be anyone else but you. I’m afraid of what may happen. You’re young and you never know what may happen. Girls are going to be offering themselves on a silver platter. And I’m not there with you Sky.”

“I hear everything you’re saying. I do. But I don’t accept it. The love I feel for you surpasses any sexual need I may have. That’s why we’ve never had sex Ari. I told you I would wait, and I am waiting. You know why? Because I love you. So trust me.”

“I want too, I really want to.”

With a determination I didn’t know I possessed I say, “Then do it, Ari!”

She’s quiet for a while. “Why can’t I say no to you Sky?” She sighs.

“Umm … because you love me.” I say with a grin on my face.

“I do.”

“Ari …?”

She whispers, “Yeah?”

“Do you still feel it?”

She takes a moment before answering. But when she does, she answers so soft I almost miss it. “I still feel it Sky … I feel it, but it’s not the same. It’s being stretched to a distance that I’m not sure about. But I trust you.”

“It’s only the distance baby. In a few weeks I’ll be home for Thanksgiving, wait for me baby.” I plead.

“I am waiting. Patiently waiting. “She says with a smile in her voice.

“Okay enough of the heavy shit for now. How ‘s school going?”

“It’s the same … Rachel is still crazy. Abel is still an over protective goof and some of your old teammates watch me like a hawk. What’s up with that? Did you put them up to it?” She says with a laugh.

“I plead the fifth on that one.”

She laughs and says, “Really … you have people spying on me? I can’t believe you.”

“Well believe it baby.” I stop laughing and I sigh. “I’m sorry to do this pretty girl. I’ve got to run or else I’m going to be late for practice.”

“Okay, be safe babe … I love you.”

I close my eyes and savor her words. “I love you more Ari.”

“Yeah? How much do you love me?” She asks reverently.

I grin to myself. “Well, I love you more than all the stars in the sky. And all the letters in all the books in the whole wide world.”

“Wow! That’s a lot.”

“Yeah, are you starting to get it now?”

“I think I am.”

When we hang up, I feel lighter than I’ve felt in a while. I’m feeling optimistic about us being okay and I hope so for my sanity.



It’s been a few days since my conversation with Sky. I felt good about our relationship after our talk, but now not so much. Since that day, I haven’t spoken to him much. He’s so busy and I can’t complain because he’s on a scholarship so he has to work hard to keep it. But I miss him something fierce. Also, I’m bored. I have a lot of free time after school so I’m thinking of joining a club. But, Rachel wants me to try out for cheerleading with her.

It’s after school and the hallways are a bit deserted. So we’re hanging around and goofing off. Unfortunately, she hasn’t stopped nagging me. She’s jumping on the balls of her feet in front of me like a Chihuahua on caffeine.

“Come on Ari put your dance moves to good use.” She whines.

“I hate you sometimes, you know that.” I murmur.

“No you don’t, and don’t worry I brought extra clothes for you to change. So perk up.” She says while clapping her hands repeatedly.

I roll my eyes and pout. “What if I had said no?”

Grinning she says, “Then I would have tried harder.”

“Fine let’s get this over with.” I murmur.

The tryouts last a little over an hour, but a few of us stay back dancing and hanging out. By the time we leave and I check my phone, I have seven missed calls from Sky.

“Crap! Sky has been blowing up my phone and I’ve barely talked to him all week.” I shriek.

“Call him back. I’m going to jump in the shower.”


I dial his number and the phone barely rings once before he answers. “Where have you been, Arianna? I’ve been calling you for over two hours.” He yells.

I narrow my eyes at the phone even though I know he can’t see me. “Really? No, hello or how are you? Or I’m so happy you’re okay?”

He takes a deep breath. “Dammit, Ari I was worried sick about you. I kept calling and you weren’t answering. I’m sorry … Where were you?”

I huff out a breath. “We were trying out for the cheerleading team. I’m bored since you’re not here and Rachel wanted to try out for the team, so I was roped into it too.”

“Well, that makes up for it. If you make the team, I want a picture of you in your cheerleading outfit. Plus, you have to dance for me for almost giving me a heart attack.”

I laugh and say, “Okay, deal.”

“I miss you Ari.”

“I miss you too … that’s why I’m joining a club even if it isn’t cheerleading. I don’t like sitting around and waiting for your calls. It’s depressing.”

He sighs. “I’m sorry baby … I’m trying. Everything is just a bit overwhelming right now. I may have to get a tutor for a few classes so I can keep up.”

“Do what you need to do Sky. Remember I’m rooting for you. We’ll talk whenever we can.” I say lifelessly.

“I’m sorry this isn’t what I promised. But I’ll make it up to you. I’ll bring you lots and lots of chocolate.”

I laugh. “Oh goodie! I’ll be waiting; you know I’m a sucker for chocolate.”

“I know Ari … I’m sorry to do this, but I’ve got to go baby.”

In a disappointed voice I say, “It’s okay baby. We’ll talk whenever. Love you.”

I don’t wait for him to respond before I hang up. I know he loves me, but I feel him slipping away, and it’s scaring me.


I want to save my relationship with Skylar. So, I’ve been meeting with my guidance counselor Ms. Smith, to see if I qualify for early graduation, and she says if I work hard this semester, I will qualify. I haven’t told anyone about this, not even Rachel. I’m meeting her today to see if I’ll be able to pull it off or not. I knock on Ms. Smith’s door.

“Come in.” She yells from behind her closed door.

“Hey Ms. Smith.”

“Hello Arianna. Have a seat.” She says while pointing to the empty seats in front of her.

I lower myself in one of the chairs. “Thanks.”

She eyes me pensively and says, “So today is the big day …”

“Yeah, I’m excited.” I say with a smile.

“I’m sure you are. But are you sure you want to do this. You’re going to miss out on a lot of experiences with your friends.”

I think about it for a while. “I’m sure Ms. Smith. I want to do this.”

She nods. “Okay. Let me check to see where you stand.”

She awakes her sleeping computer and begins to pull up my records. She’s quiet for a while and then she looks up at me. “Well, it looks look like you qualify academically, but you still need an extra-curricular activity, which is an easy fix. So if you want, you will be able to graduate next spring.”

I grin. “Thank you Ms. Smith. This means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome and congratulations.”

I smile at her as I leave her office. I can’t wait to tell Sky. I want to surprise him when he comes homes for Thanksgiving. I’m so happy I feel like bouncing off the wall. I’m so happy that I don’t pay attention to my surroundings and I bump into someone. I look up to see Abel looking at me suspiciously. “Why are you smiling so much? You look like you’re up to something, little one.”

“No reason. Can’t I just be happy to be alive?” I smile sweetly at him.

He eyes me for a while and murmurs, “I guess … So, where are you headed to?”

“To the library.”

He hooks my hand through the crook of his elbow. “Well, it’s your lucky day; I’m headed in that direction now. Let’s go.”

I smile at him and say, “Let’s go.”

I haven’t felt this light and happy since before Sky left for school. I feel like the stars are finally aligning and I hope the natural high that I’m on doesn’t dissolve.

Chapter Two

             I’m Not the Only One              


They are posting the list for the cheerleading squad right after school today, and surprisingly I’m excited. But I don’t think I’m as excited as Rachel is. As soon as the bell rings, she sprints out of class. I don’t even bother trying to catch up with her, so I walk at a normal pace. As I’m walking, I see Colin coming out of his class. When he sees me he says, “Hey Ari.”

I smile at him and say, “Hey stranger. How have you been Colin?”

“I’ve been good. I just saw Rachel fly down the hall. Where was she headed?”

I laugh and say, “She’s excited to see if we made the cheerleading team. That’s where I’m headed to now.”

He grins and says, “Oh, wow, you in a cheerleading outfit. Oh, I’m praying you make the team.”

I hit him in the chest. “You are awful Colin.”

“Well, l do try.”

“I’m sure you do.”

Stacey, one of the most popular girls in the school, sees me walking with Colin. She struts up to us and says, “Hey Arianna.”

I crinkle my nose and say, “Um … hi Stacey.”

“Do you want to introduce me to your friend?” she says beaming at Colin.

“Oh … uh, this is Colin.” I say while pointing to Colin. I turn to Stacey and say, “Colin this Stacey.”

“Hey Colin, I’ve seen you around. Aren’t you on the basketball team?” She says while looking at Colin through her lashes.

“Yeah, that’s me.” Colin says tightly.

After a few seconds of standing there awkwardly, I decide to leave. “Uh, I’m going to go and let you two chat.”

As I’m about to leave Colin grabs my hand. “Uh, I’ll talk to you later Stacey, me and Ari have to be somewhere.”

With a tight smile she says, “Um okay Colin. See you around I guess? Bye Arianna.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you around.” Colin says while dragging me down the hallway.

As we’re walking away, I say to Colin, “Why didn’t you stay and talk to her she’s interested.”

“I know. But I’m not.” He says while looking straight ahead.

I stop in my tracks. “Colin …”

He turns to look at me. “What l didn’t say anything? I just said I’m not into her.” He chuckles.

I tilt my head at him. “Let’s not go there … Are you going with me to see if I get in?”

He starts to grin and says, “Of course.”

I sigh and continue to walk towards the gym. When we get to the list, I’m too nervous to look.

“You look. Tell me if I made it. I can’t do it.” I cover my eyes with my hands.

“Okay … Well Ari it seems you … Have made the team, Rachel too.”

I start screaming and I jump into Colin’s arms and hug him. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, Colin.” I say as I step away from him.

“I don’t mind, Ari. Actually I quite enjoyed it.”

“Still it’s not appropriate.” I look anywhere but at Colin.

“Says who?”

“Oh my gosh Ari. We made it!” Rachel says running up to me.

“I know, right? I’m so excited! I need to call Sky.”

I pick up the phone and call him but it rings until the voicemail picks up. “I guess he’s still in practice.” I sigh.

Colin just stares at me, but he doesn’t say anything. I look away feeling uncomfortable. Rachel, unaware of what just transpired between Colin and me, says, “You can call him later, let’s go to practice.”

He looks at me with a shy smile and asks, “Do you mind if I stay and watch?”

Warily I say, “I guess not.”



Watching Ari dance is hypnotizing. I want her so badly it hurts. It seems as if Sky is helping me along in getting her back. From the look on her face when she called him earlier, things aren’t going well. I’m just going to sit back and wait.

“You look good out there Ari.” I say as she walks up to me after practice.

“Thanks …”

“So what about me? Am I chopped liver here?” Rachel says with a mock glare as she walks up to us.

I laugh. “My bad, munchkin, you look good too.”

She smiles brightly and says, “Thanks a bunch.”

“How are you girls getting home today?”

“We are going to walk.” Ari answers.

“I can drop you guys off.”

Ari looks hesitant, but Rachel hurriedly accepts. “Yes please. I’m quite tired.”

I look at Ari from the corner of my eyes and I see that she rolls her eyes at Rachel, which causes me to laugh. Rachel, being confused, asks, “What?”

Ari hurriedly responds, “Nothing let’s just go.”

As we get to the car, Ari quickly jumps in the backseat. When I’m seated, I look at her in the rear view mirror. As soon as she sees me looking at her she looks away. A few moments later her phone rings.

“Hey baby … I called you earlier … You did? Oh, well I haven’t checked my phone yet … Guess what? Ha, ha, ha, real funny, no. Be serious babes … well anyways I made the team. Actually, we both did … Yeah we just came from practice … Mm no we caught a ride … With, uh, Colin. He was there during practice and he offered to drop us home, no big deal … No he doesn’t.”

She looks up at in the mirror. And I whisper, “I do,” assuming he’s telling her I’m still into her.

“Baby … relax. It’s just a ride … You know what, I’m almost home, I’ll call you back when I get there.” She hangs up without even saying a goodbye. She doesn’t look at me once for the rest of the ride to her house. When we get there, they both thank me and jump out of the car.

“Ari, wait!”

“I really appreciate you taking us home, but I’m exhausted. I just want to take a shower and relax for a while.” She says as she looks anywhere but at me.

“This won’t take long; I just wanted to know how you were doing. We’re friends right? Friends check on each other.”

She eyes me warily and says, “I’m fine.”

“Okay, but whenever you need a friend to talk to or just a shoulder to cry on, or to lean on, I’m here for you.”

She just nods and walks away. I have a feeling she’ll be taking me up on my offer real soon, because college boy seems to be too busy lately.



When I get inside, I take a shower and lay my books out to do my homework. Just as I’m about to begin, my phone beeps with a text. It’s from Abel.

Abel: Hey little one congrats on making the team.

Me: Thanks

Abel: If I didn’t think of you as my sister, I would be really excited about you making the team. Lol 🙂

Me: But you’ll see Rachel!!!

Abel: Oh yeah. I’m gonna text her to beg her for a pic of her in her uniform. Wish me luck! Ttyl

After I read his last text, I decide to call Sky. He takes forever to respond and as I’m about to hang up he answers.


“Sky … Are you still mad?”

“I am Ari but not at you, at him.” He murmurs.

“He was just trying to be a good friend, baby. You should also know that I sat in the back all by my lonesome.”

“I don’t care where you sit. I just don’t want him anywhere near you.”

I sigh, “Trust me he knows how I feel about you. He’s just a friend. I’m with you and only you.”

I hear someone in the background talking to Skylar.

“Who is that in the background?”

“Uh … I’ve been meaning to tell you I’ve got a tutor. Her name is Michelle.”

“Michelle huh? Okay …”

“Don’t worry, okay baby, it’s strictly platonic.” He says with a nervous chuckle.

“If it’s platonic why am I just learning about her after I hear her voice? Is she attractive Sky?”

He groans. “Because we haven’t talked much baby, and I don’t know if she is attractive or not, I don’t look at her much while my face is buried deep inside my books.”

“How many times do you study together in the week? And when did you even start studying with her.”

“Uh … three to four times a week. I started two weeks ago.” He says quietly.

“Okay … Well I better not keep you from your studies.”

“Don’t be like that Ari.”

“I’m not being like anything, you’re just busy.”

“I know you’re mad. But will you call me later? Please Ari … I miss you.” He pleads softly.

“Okay. I’ll try. Night Sky.”

“Night Ari.”

All I hear is click. He doesn’t say he loves me. I can feel our connection beginning to fizzle and I don’t know what to do to get it back. I love him until it hurts but I feel like our time may be running out. Maybe there is something more going on with his tutor, or maybe even with someone else.
All I know is there is a storm coming and I just hope he doesn’t let me drown.



Two Months Later

Even with everything that’s been happened I’m optimistic about me and Skylar. Not, because of some great improvement in our relationship, but more of the little things that he has been doing. He’s still super busy, but he tries to talk to me at least once per day. I appreciate it. Every call, text, or e-mail; because I know the sacrifice he makes to keep connected with me. There’s still a nagging feeling in the back of my head, but I refuse to listen to it.

Thanksgiving is in a few days and I couldn’t be more excited, because I finally get to Sky. I’ve missed him so much I thought I would have lost my mind.

I’ve just returned home after cheerleading practice. Instead of taking a shower I decide to call Sky. The phone barely rings before I hear his husky voice on the other line.

“Hi, pretty girl.”

“Hey Sky.”

“To what do I owe the honor? Our phone date isn’t for another few hours.”

I close my eyes and whisper, “I miss you.”

With a smile in his voice he says, “Yeah?”


“I’ll be home soon enough, pretty girl.”

“I know,” I say with a grin.

He chuckles. “I guess you can’t wait?”

“It’s not like I have much of choice,” I say with a pout.

“Be patient. I’m almost home. When I get there I’ll kiss you for every day we were apart. I’ll make you forget every night you cried yourself to sleep; or when you locked yourself in your room because you didn’t want anyone else but me.”

“H-how do you know about that?”

“I check in with everyone around you to make sure you’re okay, pretty girl. I know you’ll never tell me these things so I won’t get distracted. But, I’ll always find out. I need to always know that you’re okay, and I’ll make it okay when I get there. I promise.”

With a smile I whisper, “Okay.”

“I love you pretty girl. I’m headed to practice. I’ll call you later.”

“I love you more.”

He sighs, “I don’t think that’s possible, but okay. I’ll talk to you later pretty girl.”

With that he hangs up the phone leaving me with a feeling so big that love is too small of a word to describe it.

Chapter Three

Without You


I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but most of all I’m afraid of losing Ari. I promised her I wouldn’t lie to her, but I don’t know if I can bear to tell her the truth. The day that Ari learnt about my study sessions with Michelle she began to withdraw from me, or was it me from her? I don’t really know anymore, but I do know that there was a big hole between us. I began spending more and more time with Michelle, and I spent less and less time talking to Arianna. Then the one night that I wish I could have erased from the history books occurred.

“Earth to Skylar.” She says waving frantically in my face.

“Oh sorry, my mind isn’t here right now. Maybe we should end early tonight; my brain isn’t functioning properly right now.”

“Where is it then?” Michelle asks with furrowed brows.

“That’s personal …”

“Okay I can take a hint. You’re not interested; you don’t have to be so mean.” She says with a pout.

I sigh. “I’m not trying to be rude I’m just dealing with a few personal things that I don’t feel comfortable discussing with you.”

“Point taken. But, maybe I can help you get your mind off of those things.” She says as she walks over to me provocatively.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Michelle.”

“We are about to know each other on a personal level, I think you can me Shelley now.” She says with a flirtatious tone.

“Michelle is fine. This can’t and won’t happen; you need to leave. Now!” I yell.

“I don’t get it … I thought you liked me?”

I close my eyes and say, “I do. But as a friend, and I’m in love with my girlfriend. I couldn’t do that to her.”

“I can make you forget her, Skylar.” She says as she begins to strip out of her clothes.

“Do not take your clothes off Michelle.” I say in a panic.

“Are you afraid of me?” Her hand freezes on her jeans button.

“No. I just love my girlfriend more than life, so I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship.”

She looks me straight in the eyes and removes her jeans. Then she says, “That’s so sweet, but I don’t want a relationship with you. I want something a little more physical.”

She’s standing before me in just her underwear and, me being a mere mortal, I start to give in to my physical needs.

Just as she reaches out to touch my chest, I hold her hands and say, “Just so you know this isn’t going to turn into a relationship, I won’t and can’t love you, so do not put any fantasies in your head about a happy ever after with me. If you are looking for a boyfriend or something serious, you really need to get the hell out of here, like five minutes ago. Do you get what I’m saying?” I say looking straight into her eyes.

With a wicked grin she says, “Got it.”

With that, I give into my carnal needs for a night of wild and passionate sex that did not have anything to do with love. Everything happens in a haze. It feels like an out of body experience, almost as if I have no control over my own body. I don’t know how I could betray Ari so easily, but I did. But it did prove to me without a doubt in my mind that I am totally in love with Ari. Ironic I know, but true.

***End of Excerpt***

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